AFP Publications

AFPC Standards Order Number
IPDS Reference (Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference) AFPC-0001-10
MO:DCA Reference (Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0004-08
     Errata -01 to the IS/3 Definition in the MO:DCA Reference
AFP GOCA Reference (Graphics Object Content Architecture for AFP Reference) AFPC-0008-02
BCOCA Reference (Bar Code Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0005-09
CMOCA Reference (Color Management Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0006-01
FOCA Reference (Font Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0007-06
IOCA Reference (Image Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0003-07
MOCA Reference (Metadata Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0013-01
PTOCA Reference (Presentation Text Object Content Architecture Reference) AFPC-0009-03
Presentation Object Subsets for AFP AFPC-0002-03

Other AFP Standards Order Number
Line Data Reference (Programming Guide and Line Data Reference) S544-3884-04
MO:DCA-L: The OS/2 Presentation Manager Metafile (.met) Format S550-1135-00

Other AFPC Publications Order Number
AFPC Company Abbreviation Registry AFPC-0012-04
BCOCA FAQ (Bar Code Object Content Architecture Frequently Asked Questions) AFPC-0011-02
FGID Registry (AFPC Font Typeface Registry) AFPC-0016-01
Recommended IPDS Values for Object Container Versions AFPC-0017-02

Related Publications Order Number
AFP Color Management Architecture (ACMA) G550-1046-00
Using OpenType Fonts in an AFP System G544-5876-02
UP3i v1.20 (3rd party specification)
Character Data Representation Architecture (3rd party website) G550-1046-00

Presentations Number
AFPC White Paper – DRUPA
Future Summit – Fogra Symposium 15th anniversary of ICC
AFP: Advances and Directions – XPLOR
Printstream Shootout: AFP – XPLOR
AFP Color Management – XPLOR
ACMA Overview Presentation – XPLOR

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